Senior Team

Founder, Director & Senior Interventionist

Mr. Prasant – Founder of Newlife Services

Prasant has successfully touched the lives of thousands of addicted people and their families, showing them a new way to live and encouraging them to rebuild their lives without their destructive patterns or influences once and for all.

Prasanta was the founder of two large rehabilitation facilities still operating within Odisha India  though since 2008 he has been entirely focused on Newlife Services. He does continue to offer Business and Marketing Consultancy to a selection of centres that he’s excited to work with. Read more…

Mr . Bikram Kesari Das.

Bikram has a passion for helping all addicts and alcoholics achieve recovery, and he is absolutely committed to the Newlife Services mission of “helping people attain and maintain recovery through our professional services”.        Read more


Mr. Prabir Kumar Jena.

Prabir’s personal recovery began in 2008, after many years of addiction and alcoholism. Prabir reached his bottom without a jail sentence or a ride in an ambulance. As he puts it, “I was destined to hit a long, Read more…

Sushanta Kumar Pattanaik, Newlife Team

Sushanta has been in the drug addiction  of Personal and Professional development for more than 18 years, He has a voracious hunger for knowledge and as a result of this, has become highly skilled and proficient in all areas of coaching, counseling therapy. Read more…

Medical Team

Dr Amrit Pattajoshi (Psychiatrists)


Dr Amrit Pattajoshi, who is a best psychiatrist practicing more than 10 years and he is an expert in addressing drug related psychological issues.. His hindi back-ground has given him plenty opportunities to observe what alcohol can do to people and their loved ones. Read more…

Mr. Prasanjit Sengupta, (In-house Administrator)

It is Dada’s wealth of experience working with clients active in their addiction and helping them recover has led him to conclude that his truly greatest asset comes directly from his own life’s experiences. Read more…


Your welfare is important to us; it’s what we’ve built our reputation on. So please don’t hesitate in asking us any of your questions.

If you want to speak to us, please call Prasant (+91 9439870584) or call the central office on (06755 -220299) and leave a voicemail message if he’s busy. He replies to absolutely ever enquiry, but he never answers his phone when he’s with a client. So please do leave a message if it goes to voicemail.

You can also enter your details in our contact form right away to get in touch with one of the Newlife Services Team and receive our special Free eDoc . ‘Are You or a Loved One an Alcoholic or an Addict?’ which also includes our simple to use and easy to understand self-assessment tool.

We promise to respond to your emails as quickly as possible, but a phone call is always the quickest way to get hold of us.

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