Newlife Transportation

Newlife Services are pioneers of Newlife Transportation since 2011 in Odisha.

We are the only Odisha based organisation that has been established by professional full time Newlife Companions and Body-Guides, many of whom are active 12-step members, trained to deliver clients pre, post and during treatment to their destinations, with the knowledge that their transportation is safe from harm or unwelcomed temptations.

Whether you are a client in need, a parent, a business partner, or a caring professional, you can rest assured that your safe transportation needs will be met by one of our Newlife Transporters.

A strong member of our team will collect and deliver a client to or from their home, place of business, treatment facility or previously arranged rendezvous.

For some people travelling to addiction treatment centers can be challenging, particularly when it may be overseas or if they are still new to recovery. Likewise, the repatriation service we offer is equally important for those returning from treatment. The risks and temptations of the journey home will be alleviated and you or your client will arrive safely. We offer an extended repatriation service over several days, as we are fully aware of difficulties that can be faced on returning home.

We maintain their well-being, safety and comfort throughout the journey so that you can rest assured that they will have arrived without harm. This removes the dangers inherent in travelling a long distances alone.
We stay in touch with all parties and really do take the stress away from any concerned relatives, care managers or treatment facility staff.

Newlife Transporters can be employed when someone requires safe transit to or from any type of meeting or engagement such as visits to a lawyer, hospital appointments, family affairs, weddings etc

Not only can we drive clients, but we can also accompany them on public or private transportation including planes, trains, ferries and automobiles.

Consider the business executive that must fly to another city for that corporate do-or-die presentation. Or the actor who must move around quickly from city to city to promote their new movie. Drinking or drugging on such trips would be devastating to them and the corporations they represent. It could be the deal breaker that not only ruins their own careers, but also for the companies, they represent. The lost revenue from such an episode could be a significant financial setback. Is it fair to rest such high stakes on the shoulders of that one person, especially if they are still new to recovery? That person should probably be assisted in their sobriety, surely. After, if getting Newlife and drug free was easy, then this whole industry wouldn’t even exist. I’m afraid it’s considerably more than “Just Saying No”.

The challenges facing someone in new sobriety are enormous. During those first few months the alcoholic’s Newlife life can be precarious, at best. The same holds true for the heroin addict, the crack / cocaine addict and the pill addict or the cannabis addict.

Traveling anywhere outside of their immediate comfort zone for these people can be really tough. Those little bottles on the plane / train / shop look so harmless and can trigger someone’s obsession without a moment’s thought. Stress and anxiety at the airport / Services Station or other transport hub can easily play games with someone’s fragile recovery, enticing them to search out a bars or off licence just to calm themselves down. Furthermore, a street smart addict can always find a way to secure themselves alcohol or narcotics if left to their own devices,  especially at airports or stations, or get themselves arrested whilst trying to score.

Newlife Transportation reduces the chances of someone becoming intoxicated, hospitalized, or arrested by 95%. Family members may prefer to accompany them to reduce costs, but they may not necessarily have the experience or knowledge to handle emerging situations as they become challenging. Besides, they usually have their own lives to lead and taking time for this (although important) is not always possible. The family member need to remember that they’re placing their loved one in the care of other who know what’s best for the client, and the same principle can be applied for the transportation leg of their recovery journey. Leave it to the professionals.

The Newlife Transporter is trained to diffuse the anxiety that accompanies new sobriety. They are usually Newlifians and drug free themselves, so they can present a role model and healthy conversation. A good Newlife Transporter can turn a difficult, angry trip into a learning experience, even into an enjoyable trip.

Newlife Transporters remain anonymous and are bound by confidentiality. We may be introduced as a friend, relative, or as an associate of sorts. We will play whatever part required to maintain the client’s discretion and anonymity whilst leaving them feeling safe in their surroundings.

All our vehicles and Newlife Transporters are fully insured.

We offer this service within Odisha as well as in India as required. We have members of staff who speak Hindi fluently as a national language.

Due to the nature of our business, we are able to offer completely bespoke services dependant upon your specific needs. Please don’t hesitate to approach us to discuss your requirements.

Our only goal is to deliver you or your client safely without any further unnecessary alcohol or substance use.

As our motto says, “Yes, we can do that!” please enquire with the specifics regarding your transportation requirements.

We’re happy to help.