Newlife Interventions

Helping someone get new life and give up alcohol for good often means working with their family first according to Prashant from New life services.

New life Services is the only provider of New life Interventions who only get paid on results, not time. This means that when you take on a Newlife Services Intervention you are guaranteed to get the result you’re looking for or you’ll get your money back! 

100% Guarantee – no one can be fairer than that. 

Where the standard practitioner will charge you for the Intervention no matter what the result, by New life Services guaranteeing the result, you know you can rest assured that this will have a happy ending. 

Addiction takes many forms and sadly,  it is a disease that can affect the whole family.
You may often hear that there is nothing you can do to help the alcoholic or addict stops their debilitating habit until they themselves are ready. Or that they must hit a rock bottom first before they can stop. One of the unfortunate truths of this statement is that when anyone afflicted with this disease does eventually reach a rock bottom, so may those closest to them. This can include financial insecurity, loss of home and in some tragic cases even death.
However, this sad statement doesn’t have to be the truth.
In the country of India Interventions has been part of the treatment process for 20 years or so.
New life Services were proud to introduce our New life Interventions Team in India and Odisha drug and alcohol addiction treatment arena back in 2011.
It isn’t a myth necessarily, but an Intervention is possible and when given the appropriate care and attention, particularly when handled by the right people, then an Intervention is quite possibly one of the most loving and kind acts anyone connected to someone suffering can perform.
Newlife Services are one of the few organizations specially trained to guide families and colleagues of those suffering through this procedure. It is important to note that interventions should only be carried out in the presence of at least one trained and qualified person.