Newlife Coaching One-On-One

NewLife Coaching has really taken off in Odisha as an extremely popular alternative to Therapy and Counselling.

Newlife Services were the first company to offer Newlife Coaching as our niche! Since 2011 in fact we’ve been working with clients in this with to bring about permanent behavioural change, free from any problems associated with alcohol, drugs or the cultures and pastimes that accompany them.

Newlife Coaching is one of our ways to offer our clients even more practical, pragmatic and person centred learning tools to assist in their personal battle towards beating a debilitating habit or addiction.

Newlife Coaching is where the actual healing of the client begins.

Newlife Coaching is very effective short term and impacts upon the quality of the client’s lifestyle in the long term. It’s where the magic of recovery occurs.

Newlife Coaching takes people through their own journey of self discovery and is highly effective for people with drinking and drug problems that don’t require a detox but do need some outside help learning how to stay Newlife permanently.

Miracles happen through Newlife Coaching.
It’s the point where clients make serious and significant changes to their attitudes and behaviour.

The therapeutic process we utilise is individually arranged around our own previously proven model of recovery and it’s desired outcome is to specifically improve the quality of someone’s life whilst they remain alcohol and drug free.

Since all clients are unique, so we’ve designed our own Newlife Coaching Workbook that allows everyone the opportunity to discover their own patterns and strategies for living, and replaces them with healthier, Newlife living ones.
We use this Newlife Coaching Workbook with all of our Newlife Coaching clients, because it’s been proven to be highly effective at creating permanent change and bring about recovery.

In face to face Newlife Coaching sessions we can deal with all the specific situations and levels of crisis they may be encountering.

Newlife Coaching can be delivered face to face or over a Webcam via Skype / FaceTime / Google HangOut over the Internet, or even telephonic as required.

Sessions typically last from between 45 and 90 minutes and can even be as frequent as once or twice per day. We wouldn’t recommend less than once per week.

For those that require a detox or residential service, we can make recommendations and arrangements for this, continuing with Newlife Coaching upon the completion of their respite.

We’re convinced that Newlife Coaching is a very suitable solution for those who are limited by free time, but yet are still serious about changing their behaviours.

This Newlife Coaching programme has been perfected over many years of experience between a number of our Practitioners and is constantly being reviewed and improved upon to ensure you the very best opportunity to stop and stay stopped from the safety, comfort and convenience of your own home.

If this is something you feel you’d like to try as an alternative to residential rehab for whatever reason, then please let us know.

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