Case study – Bobby

“For many years I thought my situation was pretty much hopeless. My injection addiction and drug use continued to bring me down what seemed like a black hole of destruction. I thought I was going to die for sure, and even wished I would many times, especially when I was sitting in jail.

“But something inside me wouldn’t let me give up. I knew that I was a good person and that I had the ability to be happy; that I had something to offer this world. I just didn’t know how to do it or where to go for the right help.

“I had plenty of friends that had been in and out of DDRCs for their own injection addictions and I had heard them talk about being in recovery, which seemed ridiculous to me since they were out getting injected, drunk and high with me. ‘It’s a disease that you have to take one day at a time’ they said. I thought to myself that if that is what it’s like going to treatment then I am better off not going.

“At that time I came in contact of NEWLIFE DRUG DEADDICTION AND RESEARCH CENTRE, where found my people like me are taking treatment and gradually improving. I talked to some of them and knew that this program is working. I used to come to Day care program and participated in the Day care activities as well as the 12 step program and felt that I too was changing a bit.

“After about 12 months into it I started to notice a significant change in the way that I viewed myself and others. I wasn’t looking through fogginess and I could see and think more clearly. I found myself engaging others and being interested in life and activities again. I wasn’t afraid of my past anymore or ashamed of it, but instead I was excited for the future. I had a clean slate with no limits and was so thankful for the opportunity at new life.

“Since I completed the program 2 years ago I have accomplished many goals, including starting a family of my own. I am successfully self-employed and I try and share my experiences with others if I think it will help. Now I am going to the support group meetings in regular basis and sharing my difficulties with the counselors and I hope if I continue this by higher power’s grace I will continue my clean time”